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YoungCuts Films Cited for Excellence

Veteran journalist says that YoungCuts filmmakers bring hope to a floundering film industry

Montreal Gazette columnist Bill Brownstein begins his newspaper column saying that YoungCuts filmmakers bring hope to "a film industry too often floundering with all manner of derivative offerings based on age-old formulas or brain-dead TV sitcoms."

He then proceeds to review highlights of the top films chosen for the 2011 edition of the YoungCuts Film Festival.

In his article, Brownstein applauds the works of American director Gabe Hohreiter's "staggering" film Dead Grass, Dry Roots, stand-out Québécois director Colin Racicot's work in L'Invité and American director Tavarius Eberhart's Finding Soil.

The complete article can be found in the Montreal Gazette September 30, 2011 Arts and Entertainment section.

YoungCuts Inc. is the title sponsor of the YoungCuts Film Festival, North America's only international film festival whose primary purpose is to advance the careers of young filmmakers. The Festival features all types of short films produced by people 25 years old and under, and was created to help launch talented young people's film and television careers, by providing exposure and recognition of their works.